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I wasn’t forced to be creative, it just happened. I think it was a Calling…” – Prince Gyasi

Carrying the spirit of vivid imagination in his artistry, Prince Gyasi presents a gallery full of extremely radiant and eloquent images of his hometown, the exuberant West African city of Accra, Ghana. Gyasi is a self-described iPhone photographer using imagery as medium to portray his emotions about what he sees and feels in his surroundings. The pictures are a subtle yet striking representation of Ghana, with friends, family and muses objectified as emotive poses against colored backdrops.

The images are an expression of the struggles and life-affirming hope for the people, they show both the delicacy and robustness. The subjects portray human emotions through conspicuous facial expressions and most times with vibrant body language depiction alone.

Gyasi comprehensively bestowed a newborn ambience to his hometown by displaying the beauty of youth with his hyper-colorful shots. He wishes to express positive messages about creativity, knowledge and leadership. Gyasi is a modern-day leading light of breaking cultural barriers with storytelling through the art of photography.

Sharing an insight to his inspirational thoughts, Gyasi in an interview with A Valid Review said- “I think outside of the box. Sometimes you have to be a daredevil and take risks when you are creative. Even though I am a shy guy, Prince Gyasi wants to make an impact and inspire people especially the youth. He wants to make a difference. I see my talents as a gift and, I want to extend that gift onto people because it can be a blessing to them.”

“Putting fear and doubt aside, he is conquering the creative world. With his interesting compositions, focal points, color depths and dynamic patterns and textures, he triggers thoughts, emotions, and challenges the mirror of the mind. Being a conceptual photographer is his destiny, through this medium he portrays remarkable portraits and abstracts of unrealized dreams and, the persistent hope of his community to foster significant changes”- The Valid Review.

Prince Gyasi uses Instagram mostly to share the stories of the many faces of Africa in his photographic series namely Control Series, Generational Victors Series 11- Watch the Seeds and The Arrangement series and most currently Phases Series – (Survivor), Victory has a hundred Fathers but Defeat is an Orphan! Care/Love Series – 4 (Burden) and, Grace’s position series.

We are still mentally enslaved and suffer from self-doubts, depression and inferiority especially in the Black community. My series of photographs always have a message I make sure that I paint the picture out as clear as possible through the lens of my camera. I believe the ideas don’t just come, they come from God himself. My favorite series is called Control, it speaks about mental slavery, and how you can control your life and other important things such as your energy.”- Prince Gyasi.

In 2017, on the soils of Accra Ghana, Prince Gyasi contributed to a project as a creative director for PUMA and fashion label Daily Paper collaboration for an Autumn- Winter ’17 collection inspired by African Football designs. His work has also appeared in renowned magazines such as Lufthansa, Suitcase and VSCO. Apple has also constantly shown keen interest in his photographs and they can be seen on Apple’s Instagram page.

He established a project with his friends called Boxed Kids. It’s a foundation aimed to raise funds for vulnerable kids in an old town called Jamestown; a small fisherman district in Accra, Ghana.  The foundation has its own impactful series and never disappoints to convey messages to the viewers through powerful images. With the help of Boxed Kids foundation, the children will have a chance to pursue their dreams and get a quality education with funds geared from a go fund me that was organized by its founders.

After paying keen attention to their creativeness, he noticed that most kids did not recognize their innate talents. The founders decided to take photographs of a few kids in their city and the conditions in which they lived in. The images are shared on Instagram to raise awareness about the children in Jamestown.

Gyasi is a sensational influencer who wants to actively participate and be a role-model in the society. His techniques and stirring process of artistic communication has already helped him achieve wonderful things and travel high-profile places. He describes success as “It’s not about money, it’s about you being able to complete your goals.”

Disclaimer: All images are a property of Prince Gyasi.

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